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Incentives regarding the income and corporate taxpayers located in organized industrial zones are stated in Incentive of Investment and Employment Law numbered 5084. Taxpayers functioning in these regions covering the provinces in scope of the law numbered 5084 are supported with income tax withholding incentive, employer contribution of insurance premium incentive, free investment land allocation and energy support.

1. Income Tax Withholding Incentive

(Law numbered 5084 a.3, a.7/h and General communiqué of support for investment and employment serial number 1 and number 2)

2. Employer’s Contribution Incentive

(Law numbered 5084, a.4, a.7/h)

3. Free Investment Place Assignment

(Law numbered 5084, a.5)

4. Energy Support

(Law numbered 5084, a.6, a.7/h)

5. Legal entity of organized industrial zones is exempt from all types of tax and fees about the implementation of Organized Industrial Zones Law numbered 4562.

Wastewater fee is not taken from the zones operating a water treatment plant.

(Law n.4562, a.21)

1-  Land and work-place deliveries of economic entities formed for the foundation of organized industrial zones are exempt from Value Added Tax (Value Added Tax Law a.17/4-k)

2-  Economic entities founded by public body or professional institutions with real and legal entities, using all of its income to meet the requirements of these places, to prepare the infrastructure of organized industrial zones and small industrial sites and to ensure the common requirements such as: land, electricity, gas, steam and water are exempt from corporate tax. (Corporate Tax Law a.4/n)

3-  Buildings in organized Industrial regions benefit from real estate tax exemption for the following 5 years after the finish of their construction. (Real Estate Tax Law a.5/f)

4-  Allotting or distribution or integration procedures of the real properties in Organized industry or technology development regions are exempt from duties. ( Duties Law a.59/n)

5-  The buildings and plants constructed at the Organized industry zones, industries, and Small Crafts Sites are exempt from Construction Duty and duty of the certificate of occupancy. ( Revenues of Municipalities Law a.80)